“Help Me Boost My Discipline!”

True or false: having discipline is a fixed trait—you either have it or you don’t. False!

The newest studies reveal you can train and strengthen self-control like a muscle. Learn how to flex yours here with these quick and easy tips.

Rev up your self control, in seconds. Just say later! Whether you are facing a piece of pie or a cigarette you may be better off telling yourself you will have it later or you can have it tomorrow!

It’s easier to accept delay than a flat out refusal. Most of the time later is soon forgotten by your busy brain and the craving passes. Just use the mantra “I CAN HAVE MORE or IT LATER.”

Laugh your way stronger! A study showed that discipline and willpower increased after people watched short clips of a comedians standup routine. Laughing puts you in a positive mood and helps you regain your resolve.

Believe in yourself. People who see themselves as the type of person who practices discipline and strongly agreed with that old cliché “you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it” performed better on tasks requiring self-control.

Train your motivation muscle. Take CHOICE out of it. Surprisingly having too many choices can scuttle self-control. Making decisions can tire your willpower and weaken discipline.

It’s best to limit your options whenever you can. If you want to eat healthy don’t keep junk in the house—only healthy choices. To take the mental energy out of trying to get your exercise in, calenderize a workout with a friend or trainer at a regular times each week. Structure trumps decision.

Practice in spurts. Using your discipline regularly in small doses keeps it strong. The best way to train is to do little things that require self-control. Try something like brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand. Take a cold shower for 20 seconds or do 10 deep knee bends while watching TV.

Get more sleep. When your body is tired your ability to exercise self-control is also fatigued. Anything that perks up your energy like taking a brisk walk outside instantly amps up discipline.

Never feel guilty. Labeling something a guilty pleasure makes you want it more because your subconscious mind is primed to think it will be more satisfying. Plan and enjoy an occasional guilty pleasure or treat. By planning it out you short circuit the guilt and wind up indulging less.

Meditate. 10 minutes of meditation helps to restore willpower when it’s depleted and improves concentration which boosts self-control.

These are just a few suggestions that may help you live better and get the results you are looking for as you trudge along the weight loss path. As I always say, take whats best and leave the rest!