My Story

I coach and create supportive community-focused groups to help men over fifty lead happy and healthier lives.

Below you can see my certifications, awards, and lists of workshops/trainings I’ve “eaten” up. But, first, a little about me:

My health coaching career really began in my early 50’s as I began to ask myself, “How can I live my life to the fullest, enjoy the pleasures of food, and maintain my health and weight?” Let’s be clear—I love food! I earned a Master Chef degree from The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College and owned Catering from the Hart from 1986-93.

But, when I embarked on my own journey, taking off 60 pounds thirty years ago, I found a calling. A passion for creating healthy relationships with food and a search for proven ways to help people live better. I also enjoy coming up with catchy phrases: “more taste, less waist,” “Content but context of your life,” “skill-power vs willpower,” You’re never too old. It’s NEVER too late” that are relevant to my programs and approach. And, ever since 1994 I have been working with men over 50. It’s truly my higher purpose.

Now, how about you? What are you trying to achieve? Call or email me and let’s schedule your FREE consultation.



Are you like my clients and want to take control of your health and live a happy and fulfilled life? Nutrition and exercise plans all seem to be geared towards younger guys or women. They come from trainers and so-called experts in their 20’s and 30’s who think only about big biceps or don’t understand the challenges a man over 50 faces. I understand and I can help you. Here are a few testimonials from my clients.



Certifications and Training

  • ACE certified, Master Personal Trainer

  • Certified nutrition and lifestyle counselor (University of Pennsylvania, 1999)

  • Certified and active member of the American Association of Lifestyle Counselors

  • Level 2 Precision Nutrition coach certified

  • Post-Rehab Therapy Specialist

  • Master Chef degree from The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College.

  • Level one certification in MMA fighter training and conditioning with coach Kevin Kearns

  • Mentor Coach Trained in Positive Psychology to Help You Retrain Your Mind

  • IDEA /ACE personal trainer conference in Washington DC. 2015

  • 2015: Functional aging institute certification course

  • Member of the American College of Sports Medicine


  • PGN Best of Gay Philly 2011: Personal Trainer

  • Men’s Journal 2005: America’s 100 Best Trainers list

  • Amateur Bodybuilding Competitions: various placings

In the News, Books, Podcasts

  • Super-Trainer blog: Master Trainer JIM HART Talks About Personal Training

  • Boomer’s Rock - Jim Hart - You’re Never too Old! May 2018 podcast

  • Revolutionary You! #129-Jim Hart: Training The Over 50 Active Man, June 28, 2018 podcast

  • Hart & Soul by Marcus Charleston


  • The Fat To Muscle Challenge

  • Ultimate Guide to Fat Burning & Muscle Building for Men Over 40

  • Good to Go—take your diet to work

  • Midlife Metabolic Makeover

  • Contributed “Fat Loss Training for Men Over Fifty” for the Group Training Playbook