Don’t cheat yourself—use individualized training sessions with a qualified trainer to build strength, recover from an injury, and look great! Train individually or bring a buddy.

Strength training and being active have been proven to change body composition and provide amazing health benefits. After 25 years of experience, I have found the absolute minimum effective dose for exercise is twice a week. Begin today to receive amazing health benefits and change body composition.

BUSY? I have the solution: 35-minute express sessions. Or stick with the 45- or 60-minute options.

COMING BACK FROM AN INJURY? I have a lot of experience with guys coming back from strokes, muscle injuries, and more. I’m happy to work with your doctor or chiropractor to create an exercise plan that will safely get you stronger and feeling more confident. Plus, being an older guy myself, I understand what it’s like.

NOT SURE WHAT TO DO? After 25 years I have an arsenal of exercises to pull from. After our consultation, I’ll design a program to help you get where you want to be.

WANT TO WORK OUT WITH A BUDDY? Let’s do it. Talk with me about discounts for regularly working out with a buddy.


How much does it cost?
Plans are based on session time and location and start at $60 per session. Bundles are available to save you money. View current prices.

Want to work out with a partner?
Contact me about buddy discounts: call 215-805-8503 or email

Can I do this online?
Not available at this time.

I live in Philadelphia, can I do this in person?
Yes. In-person sessions can be done at Optimal Sport 1315 or your location. Contact me: call 215-805-8503 or email

What do I get?
This depends on you. Some of my clients want an exercise session where I lead them through the exercises and they don’t have to think about anything. Other clients want the individual sessions along with a complimenting program to do on other days during the week. Request a FREE consultation to talk about what you want to accomplish.