Hire me for your corporate or family affair. together we’ll inspire healthful living!

What if you had access to a chef, owner of a catering company, and fitness and health expert? I can help you with that! I’ve been doing nutrition and cooking seminars for eager audiences for years. Let me share my coaching expertise with your group with the goal of staying healthy and enjoying food and fitness.

Past seminar topics include:

Market Tours
I’ll lead your group through the food market, highlighting tips on how to make healthy choices and make you aware of the tricks companies and stores use to tempt you in the wrong direction. I’ve done tours of the Reading Terminal Market, Farmer’s Markets, Whole Foods, ACME and more with my clients.

Healthy cooking demonstrations to give you tips and practical ways to apply 10-minute meal prep into your daily life. You get free food samples too!

Fat Loss
Seminars and lectures on weight loss and the challenges of staying fit as you age. Various topics are all geared to create a positive impact for guys who are looking to optimize their life and overall health.

Live exercise demos and lectures on the power of exercise for slowing down the aging process.