Could you benefit from a little extra support and guidance in trying to reach your goals? Plateaus, injuries, and Life can disrupt our progress. Individual sessions are a great way to maintain and keep moving forward.

With nutrition and diet coaching you get all the benefits from the Momentum program but with a more individualized and personalized plan based on the unique context of your life.

This is month to month coaching support for guys who:

  1. Are confused about what to do first – dieting or the gym? You get decision fatigue from all the diet plans and conflicting information on the internet!

  2. Are super busy don’t want to waste your time on things that might not work or don’t give you results.

  3. Need a specific solution for a specific goal. Life gets in the way of our best-laid plans but with the support of a coach, you have an easier time. We uncover the best strategies that will work for your one unique and only life.

See if this program is for you by looking at these points:

  • You have dieted in the past with some success and have plateaued. You need help with the maintenance phase of a diet.

  • You need help with the deeper psychological and emotionally driven issues. We explore your current relationship around food and uncover solutions and strategies that will resolve the problems.

  • You are looking for some short-term guidance to jump-start your progress again.

  • You want more “taste” and less “waist”- You are a fit foodie kind of guy. You love to cook and enjoy eating, but you need some help in figuring out how to eat well without gaining weight.

  • You need help with meal planning or cooking skills so you can eat better and lose weight and keep it off.

  • You have a very specific goal you need to focus on or a looming deadline- like a vacation or reunion.

  • You don’t like too much structure and would like to create a highly personalized program using a diet you have had success with in the past.

  • You have a major health issue and need to eat better so you can feel better and live longer and be around for your family and friends.

  • You are embarrassed about your physique and don’t feel comfortable taking your shirt off.

  • You need regular support and accountability but don’t like joining groups.


How does it work?

First I create a custom program designed for you that fits into the context of your busy life and is tailored to your specific needs and goals. Then, we meet via Skype, phone or in person for 1-2 sessions each month to review progress, get clarity about the path ahead of you, and build habits to keep you on track.

This is a great option for graduates of the MOMENTUM program and current clients who need help maintaining and moving through plateaus. It also works for new clients who need regular support and accountability.

We meet once a week on the phone, Skype or in person to review progress, get clarity around challenges, go over strategies and make plans for the upcoming week.

You get weekly follow up meeting summaries in an e-mail.

You have unlimited email access and text in between our weekly meetings.

How much does it cost?
Individual one-on-one coaching: $200 per month

Group (3 or more): $175 per person, per month

Can I do this online?
This can be done online, by phone or on Skype.

I live in Philadelphia, can I do this in person?
I also do this in person if you live in Philadelphia.

What do I get?
Learn and participate in skills-building exercises to identifying and move beyond obstacles. The content and approach will be tailored to your goals, challenges, and what you want to accomplish. Let’s talk! FREE consultation.—no sales pitch, promise.